About Us

As of 2008, Chahara Foundation successfully spent down our endowment and distributed all funds. It’s been an amazing nine years, and we thank everyone who came on this journey with us.

Women and girls who have known poverty and may still be intimate with its ravages were the prime constituents of the Chahara Foundation. We saw ourselves as an additional spoke in the wheel for true social change.

Our role was assisting women and girls in their endeavors to reshape community to allow for a higher economic, creative and spiritual quality of life.

As a relatively small fish in the much larger pond called philanthropy, the Chahara Foundation felt a responsibility to insure that the voices of those least often acknowledged were made clearer and persistent in their quest for equity and fairness.

We saw ourselves as accountable to the work of women and girls on the ground, taking baby steps towards excellence. We hoped to help make a significant enough noise to challenge the ongoing debate regarding wealth and poverty in the United States of America. We were a small foundation that got its strength from its roots.